Signing Up 


You can contact me via phone or email; my details can be found under contacts. From that moment onwards feel free to ask me any questions. I will arrange for a visit at your home, if that’s what you’d like, so we can get to know each other. You (and your partner) can decide after the meeting whether to go ahead and sign up for my services. 


At that point we can notify your insurance provider of the arrangement. I am a registered care provider which means I am recognised by almost all of the health insurance providers. You can find a list of approved health insurance providers here. In administrative terms I’m just as easy to hire as any big kraamzorg agency, with no difference in cost, but the service you’ll get is highly personalised and second to none.


Preparatory Meeting


Around the 7th month of pregnancy I like to do an intake meeting to prepare you for the kraamzorg period. This will be at your home, but if it’s not your first child, I’m happy to do it by phone if you prefer. The meeting can take place during the day or the evening, ideally with both you and your partner. I’ll ask you about your wishes, and tell you what you can expect from me. I will ask you to complete an intake form to help me best personalise my services to your family. Ideally I will have the opportunity to meet your other children on this occasion, if you have any.

When to Call


As soon as your baby is born I like to know so please call me at any time of the day or night. I will be with you to start providing full post-natal services either later that day, or the following day, depending on the time of the birth. If you must stay in hospital I will come to your home when you are discharged. 

What You Are Entitled To


Based on protocols set by the government you are entitled to 49 hours of kraamzorg, spread over 8 days. Your insurance provider covers the cost of these hours, except for a small excess, which in 2020 is set at €4.50 per hour. 


Sometimes there are reasons to vary the time allotted, for example if you’ve had complications during pregnancy – then you might be entitled to more hours or days. Time spent in the hospital will be deducted from your days, as you are receiving care from another source.


During the preparatory meeting we will discuss the number of hours you are likely to be entitled to, and how you wish to use them. After the birth, we will take another look at the situation, and during the period of post-natal care (the kraamweek), it is still possible to request extra time, should it become necessary.