Frequently Asked Questions




Are you able to attend the birth?


As much as I would love to be able to, at this time I do not offer to attend the birth itself. As I have young children of my own, and births cannot easily be scheduled, I would not like to commit to something that I might not be able to follow through on. If you wish to hire me for your postnatal care but need a kraamverzorgende for your birth (in the case of homebirth) I will help you arrange that. 


I like the idea of hiring a freelancer, but I'm worried about what would happen if you get sick or injured. Would I be left without a maternity nurse?


A core component of my business is reliability and if I take you on as a client then I do so with the expectation that I will be able to meet my commitment fully. To ensure I meet my commitment to you I take on a maximum of two clients a month, ensuring I am exclusively yours during your kraamweek. I envision very few situations where I would be prevented from attending, but of course things happen in life and there is always the small possibility I would be unable to care for you after the birth of your baby. I have a network of fellow freelance nurses who I can contact to refer you to, in the highly unlikely event that I was unable to attend. And of course I would always give you as much notice as possible to minimise disruption. 


Is it difficult or more expensive to hire you as opposed to one of the bigger kraamzorg agencies?


I’m registered with the Dutch health authorities which means I’m officially recognised by the health insurance system. You hire my services through my business, Cherry Tree Lane Kraamzorg and I work directly for you, the client. I am in partnership with an agency called Kraamzorg 1op1 which acts as an interface between me and the insurance companies. In administrative terms I’m just as easy to hire as any big kraamzorg company, with no difference in cost, but the service you’ll get is highly personalised and second to none.


The expat community is small and we may know each other or share the same friends. Will this be a problem?


I value privacy as one of the most important principles of my business. As a trained registered nurse I am taught to care for my clients with the strictest confidentiality and this carries over to my kraamzorg work. I will never divulge information about your kraamweek to others and if we share the same network of friends I will always refer them directly to you for information about your new baby. 


Which areas do you work in?

I work primarily in North Holland although other locations can be considered depending on your situation. There may be additional charges based on commute time. 


Do we have to pay for your parking?

Absolutely not. I have my own parking permit for the city of Amsterdam and any additional charges are at my own cost.