About Me

My Story


I’m Rebecca, an Australian mother of three. I was trained as a registered nurse and worked with infants in one of Australia’s top paediatric hospitals before moving overseas in 2009 with my family. I had my third baby in Barcelona, so I know what it’s like to give birth far from home, away from the comfort and support of your own culture and family.


My family and I moved to the Netherlands in 2014, where we live in the Hoofddorp area. I love the Dutch kraamzorg concept but I’ve seen my friends struggle to find an English-speaking kraamverzorgende (maternity nurse), and I’ve shared their frustration with big kraamzorg companies who do not fully appreciate their unique situation.


That’s when I decided to take something I’ve been doing informally for friends for years and make it official by starting Cherry Tree Lane Kraamzorg. I am registered within the Dutch healthcare system which means my services are covered by your health insurance, making hiring Cherry Tree Lane a simple and stressfree process.



My Philosophy

I’m passionate about supporting the whole family unit after the birth of a baby – allowing you to fully enjoy the experience of getting to know your newest family member. I believe that every family is different and therefore the support I offer must be personalised to every client I work with. I make no judgments about your birthing choices or your feeding methods; my only agenda is to support and encourage you.


I know from experience that all cultures bring their own practices and beliefs to childbirth and infant care, and I welcome these differences with an open mind. I truly understand what it’s like to have a baby far away from the family and support structures of home, and I hope to be there to help bridge that gap.


My business is built on the founding principles of luxurious quality, privacy and unwavering reliability. In hiring me you are getting an exclusive service that is second to none.